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China is now taking support of terrorist groups to make chaos in india

China is not deterred by its antics. With the intention of disturbing the peace system in India, China is no longer shying away from seeking the help of terrorists. According to a report by the local Licice News, China is supplying money and ultra-modern weapons to Myanmar’s terrorist organizations. China is helping the Nyapitav terrorist group Arakan Army.A military source with knowledge of South-East Asia confirmed that China was paying up to 95 percent of the Arakan Army’s expenditure. He said that the Arakan Army has about 50 MANPADS (man-portable air defense system) surface-to-air missiles.According to information from the source, China’s strategy is to push its influence well south of its border. This strategy of supporting the Arakan army has enabled China to expand its sphere of influence towards western Myanmar i.e. the Indo-Myanmar border.

China is now taking support of terrorist groups to make chaos in india
China is now taking support of terrorist groups to make chaos in india

An Australian scholar said, “China is playing a multiyear game in South Asia. China wants to weaken India. India-Pakistan relations are not good and want to make Myanmar a new enemy. According to an Indian source, China does not Wants Indian influence in Myanmar to increase. He wants a monopoly. The Arakan army’s support of China against the creation of India in Myanmar has clearly been quite effective.In June 2017, C&C Construction of India received a contract to build a road worth 220 million dollars. The Myanmar government delayed the approval until January 2018. Once the construction work was underway, the Arakan army kidnapped the Indian civilians, the crew including the firefighters, the Member of Parliament of Myanmar.

According to Subhir Bhowmik’s conscription, recent arms delivery from China. The consignment consisted of 500 assault rifles, 30 universal machine guns, 70,000 ammunition, which were transported by sea. In the third week of February, weapons were unloaded on the Monakhali beach, not far from the coastal junction of Myanmar and Bangladesh.

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