Home News China Hackers Targets on Coronavirus Vaccine!

China Hackers Targets on Coronavirus Vaccine!

China Hackers Tarkets on Coronavirus Vaccine
China Hackers Tarkets on Coronavirus Vaccine

U.S. court has ruled that two Chinese hackers have stolen the most valuable trade secrets of various companies around the world. Recently, it was reported that these hackers targeted American companies conducting research for the Kovid‌ vaccine. Massachusetts, which conducts research on the development and treatment of vaccines, said it had conducted research on defects in the computer network of leading companies in Maryland.

China Hackers

The hackers are accused of stealing trade secrets and conspiracy. She explained that the stolen information was of great value not only to the hackers but also to the Chinese government. The Chinese government has been accused of indirectly encouraging criminals. U.S. officials have not revealed what information the hackers stole. This is the first time the U.S. has accused foreign hackers. 

A report released by a British parliamentary committee has revealed that the UK target of Russian espionage should focus on Russian intelligence activities. The 50-page report released by the British Parliamentary Committee called for immediate action to confront Russia in the face of the danger of leading to undesirable and serious consequences.

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