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Charles Enterprises is a notable Malayalam film that attempts to intertwine elements of devotion and rationality. Starring Balu Varghese, Kalaiyarasan, Abhija Sivakala, and Guru Somasundaram in lead roles, the movie centers around a Ganesha statue and its significance in the lives of the characters. Balu Varghese portrays the character of Ravi Kumar, a blind accountant working at a café, while Urvashi plays the role of Ravi’s devoted mother, Gomati. The narrative revolves around Ravi’s decision to sell the inherited Ganesha idol, known as Pillayar, in order to start a new shop, setting off a series of events. However, despite its promising premise, the film falters in its execution, particularly in the first half, where the story seems to lose its momentum. Charles Enterprises, directed by Subhash Lalitha Subramaniam, is a Malayalam film that attempts to find a harmonious blend of elements such as humor, engaging performances, and an exploration of the fine line between devotion and reason. The film stars Balu Varghese, Urvashi, and Kalaiyarasan in pivotal roles, and revolves around the journey of Ravi Kumar, a blind accountant, and his decision to sell a cherished Ganesha idol inherited by his family. While the film presents moments of entertainment and engaging performances, it is not without its flaws, particularly in terms of pacing, humor, and the balance between the two halves.

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DaysCharles Enterprises Movie Box Office Collection
Day 1₹ 0.10 Cr
Day 2₹0.08 Cr
Day 3₹0.09 Cr
Day 4

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Charles Enterprises MovieCast, Crew & Details
DirectorSubhash Lalitha Subrahmanian
ProducerAjith Joy
StarsShebin Benson ,Guru Somasundaram
Release DateMay 19,2023
Runtime2 hours 10 minutes
CinematographySwaroop Philip
MusicKV Subramanian

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