Chandy Oommen Reveals His Role Model And It’s Not Who You Think! Exclusive Insights On His Take On Nationalism

In a candid and eye-opening interview, Chandy Oommen, a name that’s gaining traction in the political landscape, shared his thoughts on nationalism, election results, and who he looks up to as a role model. When asked about his role model, Chandy Oommen had a surprising answer. “Appa is my role model,” he stated, referring to his father. This revelation has caught the attention of many, as it’s rare for young politicians to cite family as their primary source of inspiration.

Nationalism: A Sense of Belonging

Oommen also spoke about his sense of belonging to the country, stating, “Whatever the result, he is a part of this country.” This comment comes at a time when the nation is divided on various issues, and it serves as a reminder that at the end of the day, we all belong to the same land.

Election Outcomes: A Secondary Concern

Chandy Oommen’s approach to election results is refreshingly mature. He believes that winning or losing an election doesn’t define one’s love for the country or the contributions one can make. “Being a part of this country is what truly matters,” he emphasized.

The Importance of Role Models

Having a role model like ‘Appa’ has shaped Chandy Oommen’s perspective on politics and public service. It’s a testament to the values instilled in him from a young age, values that he carries into his burgeoning political career.Chandy Oommen is quickly becoming a name to watch in politics. His balanced views on nationalism and the importance of family values make him a unique figure in today’s polarized environment.