Censor board gives a clean U certificate to Jayasurya’s ‘Eesho’


Jayasurya’s most expected forthcoming film ‘Eesho’s’ censoring works have been finished and get a clean U certificate. Entertainer Jayasurya as of late took to his social media handles and shared the news on the same.

Sharing the post he wrote a note that read: “CENSORED U # Eesho”.

Nadirsha, the director of ‘Eesho’, wrote on his Instagram post that read: “ Finally our film ‘Eesho’ could be watched with your family without any cuts or beeps as the censor board passes it with a clean U certificate”.Eesho Nadirsha

Actress Namitha Pramod, who plays a major female lead in the film, shared the post and penned a note that read: “Censored clean U for our movie Eesho♥️ Yaaay!!! All excited”.namitha Eesho

The film ‘Eesho’ was met with a few controversies over the title of the film. Missions were led against the film via web-based media guaranteeing that the title has hurt the feelings of a certain section in the society. Lastly, the group of ‘Eesho’ is as far as possible energized as the control board gives ‘Eesho’ a clean U certificate.eesho_poster01

‘Eesho’ directed by Nadirsha is supposed to be a thrill ride and entertainer Jayasurya will be seen as the lead job in the film. The film is composed by Suneesh Varanad and the cinematographer of the film is Roby Varghese. Actor-Director Nadirsha made his first time at the helm with the satire thriller film ‘Amar Akbar Anthony and was a humongous hit. Right now, Nadirsha is working on the creation works of his impending film ‘Keshu Ee Veedinte Nadhan’, featuring entertainer Dileep leading the pack.