CBSE Class 12 Practical, Students who could not give CBSE 12th practical exam will now give viva

CBSE Class 12 Practical
CBSE Class 12 Practical

CBSE has directed to take the 12th practical examination online for those students who could not take the examination due to corona infection. Apart from this, the students who had changed their center for the practical exam will also have to re-appear for the exam. According to the board, the students will again give practical examination (both viva and lab) from their parent school. Such students will connect with online internal and external through their school. It is to be known that a notification was issued by CBSE on 16 March. Under this, students can change schools for practical exams if they want. If the student is in another city because of Corona. If they are not able to come to their school, then such students will be able to take practical examination in any school in the same city. For this the board had asked the students to apply. But now there will be an online practical examination, so the board has abolished the notification issued on March 16. 

The board will send the link: Students who did not take the practical exam from their parent school. Or a student’s practical examination was missed due to corona infection. Such a student will be taken a practical test again. For this, soon the link will be sent to the schools by the board. The last date to take the exam is 28th June.

The marks of practical will be sent on external mail: Schools for which the board had not appointed external. Practicals will be taken in those schools only through internals. But where externals were appointed, viva will be taken through video call. After taking the practical marks will be sent by the external to the internal. After that the marks will be uploaded by the internals.   

Different Opinions of Teachers Mithilesh Kumar, a mathematics teacher at DAV BSEB, says that most of the children appear in class 11 exams just to get promoted. Their focus is on the 12th annual examination. At the same time, RK Thakur, a physics teacher at St. Michael’s High School, says that the formula is still at the primary stage. It has to be seen well. The board has said to take the best three subjects of class 10th. Who will be these three subjects, it remains to be seen. On the other hand, Sanjay Kumar, a mathematics teacher at Loyella High School, said that according to me the formula is good. In this, the results of three classes will be seen. This will not cause much harm to the students.