CBSE 10th Class Exam Results Announced, 99.04 Percent Pass

CBSE 10th Result 2021

New Delhi, CBSE, Class X results announced The pass percentage is 99.04. Last year’s pass percentage was 91.46. Thiruvananthapuram has the highest pass percentage in the country with 99.99%. It is followed by Bengaluru with 99.96 percent and Chennai with 99.94 percent. Last year, Thiruvananthapuram was ahead with a pass percentage of 99.28. In 2019, the success rate was 99.85.

21,13,767 students registered for the exam this time. The results of 20,97,128 people were released. The determination of 16,639 people is ongoing. The result announcement date will be announced later. 17,636 students are enrolled in the compartment section. They have to appear for the direct examinations from August 16. The girls performed well this time. The pass percentage was 99.24 percent among girls and 98.89 percent among boys. Transgender students achieved 100 percent success. The pass percentage among foreign students is 99.92. Of the 24,439 registered, 24,420 were successful. The pass percentage of students with special needs is 99.44. Of the 5,387 who registered, 5,357 passed.

Central Tibetan Administration Schools and Kendriya Vidyalayas achieved 100 percent success. Jawahar Navodaya schools have a pass percentage of 99.99, government schools 96.03, and aided schools 95.88. The pass percentage of private schools is 99.57. The results are based on the performance of the children. Based on the internal assessment, the marks will be 20 marks, 10 marks for unit tests, 30 marks for half-yearly examinations, and 40 marks for pre-board examinations. A result committee was formed in all schools to determine the criteria for awarding marks unless any particular component of the school assessment was conducted.