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Case registered on Surya’s father Sivakumar

The TTD has registered a case against Sivakumar the father popular hero Surya


The TTD has booked a body of evidence against Sivakumar the dad well known legend Surya. TTD Chairman Subba Reddy said that nobody will be saved if claims are made on TTD without appropriate proof.

Sivakumar who is additionally an entertainer said that individuals were drinking alcohol on the Tirumala slope s and were going to darshan even without washing up. VVIPs are doing anything they desire on the TTD he claimed. Individuals were overwhelmed on the claims of the entertainer Sivakumar.

Then again, Subbareddy said that the darshans were going on each well on a preliminary premise and there is chance that 10000 individuals are more could be took into account the darshan of the Lord Balaji from 11nth.

The path darshan has gotten effective and it has been evaluated that around 15000 individuals can get the drawn every day at the TTD he clarified.

The TTD is being defamed efficiently and that the board will make suitable move he proposed. The darshans of heLord Balaji have been shut 87 days prior.

Today they have been opened on a preliminary reason for the workers.

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