Captivating all with his immersive and exciting Hip Hop & Rap Music: Nutnice.

With the release of his new track, “Landing”, this music sensation remains inspired to enthrall listeners.

Out of the many industries which have had their own set of individuals who have changed the game of their respective zones for the better, the music industry comes to the forefront as it has introduced some of the biggest talents the world has ever seen. These powerhouses have driven the industry to extreme levels of success with their outstanding work, and we have many such names who fit the bill to the “T”, Nutnice being one of them being amongst the few extremely talented artists who are bound to take their craft of music making to the next level.

This young rap artist from West London, Shepherds Bush, is aiming to tune out the tumult and extreme chaos of the music world by spinning magic with his relatable and impressive musical compositions. His uniqueness lies in his distinctive quality which is built to amaze listeners and at the same time staying genuinely true to his unique musical form. With the release of his latest single “Landing”, the young, rising artist stuns listeners with a range of electric rhythms and lyrical brilliance which set him apart from the current breed of singers who occupy the music realm. His voice, backed by the compositions, is a class apart which is rarely seen in mainstream artists of present times.

At 33, he has accomplished much more than his contemporaries and that’s quite an impressive task to achieve looking at the stiff competition the music world has been experiencing since years. He says that being focussed and dedicated towards your line of work holds the key to success, and nothing in this world can stop you from achieving the stars if you don’t deviate from your goals. “My dream is to become one of the best rap artists the world has ever seen, and I would also love to start a record label a few years down the line where I would be able to provide opportunities for young like-minded artists who aspire to reach the skies,” concludes Nutnice.
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