Bus accident in Nopal; 14 dead; 98 wounded

At least 14 people were killed in a bus accident in Nepal. 98 people were injured. The accident occurred in Sindhu Chowk district on Monday. The injured were rushed to nearby hospitals by the police and fire force.

Of the 14 dead, five died on the spot and the remaining nine died on admission to hospital. Of the 98 injured, 67 were admitted to Dulicale Hospital, 16 to Sheer Memorial Hospital, 15 to Bir Hospital in Kathmandu and two to Noble Medical College. The condition of most of the injured is very serious.

Police said the cause of the accident was the tire of the bus. The bus, which was out of control after the tire punching, has moved 100 meters.
The death toll and the number of casualties were higher than the number of people on the bus, police said. The police concluded that there were about 120 people on the bus