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BTEUP Results 2019: Polytechnic semester results released, 1.81 lakh students pass

BTEUP Results 2019
BTEUP Results 2019

The semester results of the polytechnic session 2019-20 were released on Friday evening. A total of 1,81,615 students passed the examination in the semester result. At the same time, out of 15,008 students of special back paper examination, 8,694 students failed and only 5,402 students passed the examination.

The Polytechnic first, third and fifth-year semester examinations were held between December 7 and December 26. Of this, 2,01,910 students were required to take the exam, out of which only 1,85,697 students took the exam while 16,213 students were absent. 76,250 students passed the examination in full while 1,05,365 students passed with the back.

14.83 in private and 43.02 percent full pass in the state,
the level of education in private polytechnic institutions is continuously falling. The percentage of students who complete the first year in private institutions is three times less than in the state polytechnic institutions. In the state, 43.02 percent of students passed out completely while in private the figure was 14.83 percent. The percentage of students who passed with a back has increased in both. In-state polytechnics, this figure was 55.02 while in private institutions 82.23 percent of the students were promoted with the bank.

Results of five examination centers stopped The
The Council of Technical Education has stopped the results of five examination centers. The results of hundreds of students taking the exam here will be released after investigation. According to Council Secretary Sanjeev Kumar Singh, the results have been withheld due to the case of complaints of mass cheating. These include Ma Vaishno Ma Sarada Polytechnic of Azamgarh, MSD Polytechnic, Baijnath Ramnaresh College of Technology, NSSK Institute of Pharmacy in Ghazipur and Vijay Institute of Technology Institute of Varanasi.

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