Breaking Taboos: These Indian Dating Apps are Making Love Accessible to All

The Indian market for dating apps is being targeted by several homegrown apps that aim to cater to niche users and go beyond popular apps like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and Hinge. These apps are designed with domestic cultural nuances in mind, enabling users to communicate in their native languages, and featuring safety and privacy features tailored to the Indian context.

For example, Kolkata-based Flutrr has enabled real-time, in-chat and in-app translations for 12 major Indian languages, introduced a pay-as-you-use model with micro-payments, and added features to inspire confidence among users on safety and security.

Ador, on the other hand, matches users based on mutual passions and interests, and Rekindle caters to divorced, separated, or widowed people looking for companionship, a market that the app’s founder believes is set to grow. The app has over 70,000 downloads on Play Store and allows users to find the perfect match in their localities based on mutual passions and interests using its search technology and proprietary algorithm.

A user can discover profiles in 15 passion categories like fitness, music, dance, sports, yogasana, meditation, walking, running, poetry, writing, and the like to bring people together based on personality,” said Ador founder Udit Shah. “We select matches from a curated list of profiles suggested by our algorithm. We were built on the premise that we will introduce a user to compatible people who share their core values which is a crucial factor for a long lasting relationship.”

But beyond language and interests, there are biases that come into play when people seek a match. Building for India also requires an implicit understanding of the cultural and social context as there is stigma associated with seeking connections online. An app called Rekindle is addressing one such bias. It caters to divorced, separated or widowed people who are looking for companionship. However, building for India also requires an understanding of the cultural and social context, as there is still a stigma associated with seeking connections online in the country.