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Break the Chain Shortfilm
Break the Chain Shortfilm

All through the nation has reported a lockdown to forestall the spread of Corona ailment. A gathering of adolescents who have not had the option to escape the house as of now, have utilized their capacities to bring forth the message of birth. This gathering of craftsmen is uniting portable film from different places in Kerala to unite their movies.

Coordination of this series of the short film and the idea is, Palakkad, Ottapalam native Aravind Bhaskar. Aravind Bhaskar is identified by presenter and actor has acted in a few films, Aishwarya from Kochi and Vishnu Balakrishnan from Ottappalam sat in the homes and shoot in mobile phone, then sent this video to editor Niyas. With the richness of the thumbnail, this short film shows how to use their talents in this time of survival and virality on social media.

Break the Chain Shortfilm Series

Source: Sensations TV