Boom Chicka Wah Wah! mini web series trending on youtube

Boom Chicka Wah Wah! is the latest Malayalam Mini Web Series is released on youtube on october 6. This Mini Web Series is release through FrontPage TV youtube channel. This Mini Web Series is written & directed by Nitin Noble and edited by Jithu chandran. Now the film gets more attention from the public. Shortfilm is leading with more positive comments and good reviews. It’s got a space for the youtube trending list. More than thousands of views also crossed the mini web series view list.

Master Sankaran(nithin), Babin Babu, Anand Anil, Harikrishnan, Sahil Mikhdad, Abhinand, Vishnu, Adarsh, Abhilash, Nounith Noble, Nitin Noble was played a lead role in this Mini Web Series. The talented actors also provide their best for this mini web series. Many peoples appreciate them through the comments. The Web Series is produced by A FrontPage Global Broadcasting Pvt Ltd. Production, DOP by Jithu Chandran & Arun Asok, BGM & Sound Design is Sreerag Suresh, Associate Cameraman is Anand V R, Associate Directors is Sahil Mikhdad & Harikrishnan.

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