Bollywood Star Vivek Agnihotri Choose Fashion Over Films At Cannes Abandoning Their True Passion

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri recently expressed his opinion on the Cannes Film Festival, stating that it has become more focused on showcasing fashion rather than films. According to Vivek Agnihotri, the festival now emphasizes creating sensations through bizarre and shocking outfits, rather than representing genuine artistic expression. He recalls attending the festival with his film, The Tashkent Files, and observing that fashion models, actors, and influencers in eccentric costumes became the main attraction on the red carpet. Meanwhile, renowned actors and directors were largely ignored and even pushed aside.

When asked why Bollywood actors remain silent on this issue, Vivek Agnihotri suggests that they are preoccupied with brand promotions and therefore choose not to speak out. He compares their situation to being paid to dance at a wedding, preventing them from criticizing the quality of the food. Vivek Agnihotri believes that Bollywood actors have lost their backbone and have transitioned into social media influencers rather than focusing on their acting careers. He suggests that for them, life has become more about maintaining a cool image rather than genuine artistic pursuits.