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Bitcoin worth $ 22 million kept in wallet, Thomas forgot password, 8 attempts to reset it also fail

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We all know how tedious remembering passwords can be for daily use devices and accounts. What can be even more annoying when someone has to change their password, because they have forgotten their old password. The steps required for this are quite cumbersome. But can you imagine that someone has lost crores due to this reason? Yes, it is true. One such case has come to light.

You will also get upset for a while listening to the story of Stephen Thomas, a programmer based in Germany. Thomas, who lives in San Francisco, forgot the password for his nearly $ 220 million bitcoin. However, he did not give up. You will also be thrilled to know this story of Thomak.

According to a BBC report, about ten years ago, Thomas was given 7,002 bitcoins to make a video on the subject of how cryptocurrency works. At that time it was worth only a few dollars. Now 7,002 bitcoins have been valued at $ 220 million. But Kismet cheated with Thomas. Thomas forgets the password of a small hard drive that had digital wallet passwords saved. 

Thomas also wrote the password on a piece of paper, which is misspelled. He has ten attempts to guess the password, of which he has already used eight. After two more unsuccessful attempts, the password will encrypt itself, making it impossible to access the wallet.

Thomas has taken a positive lesson from these circumstances. He said, “It was a really big milestone in my life. I realized how I was going to define how to pursue my self-worth. How much money I have in my bank account, It was not going away. “

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