Bimbisara and Sita Ramam’s Box Office Collections


Due to the success of both new movies on Saturday at the box office, this weekend is looking to be a very successful one for the Telugu cinema industry. After a strong start on Friday, Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara solidified its position with a firm hold on Saturday, and Dulquer’s Sita Ramam experienced positive development in business yesterday.

With a Saturday take of around Rs. 7.75 crores and a two-day total of Rs. 17 crores, Bimbisara eased off 17% from the first day. According to Telugu cinema standards, the reduction in Telugu states was almost 20%, with earnings of Rs. 6.90 crores (Rs. 4.10 crores share). The movie is expected to earn more than Rs. 25 crores in its first weekend in India. Bimbisara’s worldwide theatrical rights were sold for Rs. 15 crores, which will be made up in three days since the two-day share is around Rs. 12 crores.

The box office collections of Bimbisara at the Indian box office

Friday – Rs. 9.25 crores
Saturday – Rs. 7.75 crores

Total – Rs. 17 crores

On its second day, Sita Ramam brought in approximately Rs. 6.20 crores, bringing its two-day total to Rs. 10 crores. The movie had a mediocre opening day, but Saturday’s increase in business has given it a strong chance. The increase in revenue from Friday was almost 60%, with greater growth occurring outside of Telugu states. In Kerala, the movie increased by about 80%, while on Saturday, Karnataka saw a double of its opening day revenue. Saturday’s rise from Friday to Saturday was about 150% in Tamil Nadu.

The movie could have yet another significant increase today, with an estimated weekend in India of Rs. 18 crores. The movie’s outcome will depend on where it premieres on Monday. Since there will be a few holidays in the second week, including Independence Day, the movie might have a very good second week and final figure if the weekday numbers are consistent.

The movie has made outstanding global box office returns, and North America is expecting an opening weekend of at least $600,000.

The box office collections of Sita Ramam at the Indian box office

Friday – Rs. 3.80 crores
Saturday – Rs. 6.20 crores

Total – Rs. 10 crores