Billie Eilish from kerala, Saniya Iyyappan in new look

saniya iyyppans latest look

Saniya Iyyappan is a notable young star in Malayalam cinema. Saniya is a good dancer as well as an actress. Saniya is also a star on social media. Saniya can be said to be the darling of fashion lovers. Photoshoots and pictures of the star are making a big splash on social media. Now Saniya has come up with a new makeover. The new images have gone viral on social media.saniya iyyppans latest look

Saniya has come up with a gigantic look by coloring her hair. Sania has dyed her hair green and blue. Fans say the new look is awesome. Many people have come up with comments for the film.saniya iyyppans latest look

Meanwhile, fans have found an interesting resemblance. Social media points to similarities with singer and Grammy Award winner Billy Ailesh. Sania is also popularly known as Aishwarya Rai and Billy Iyyappan.The stars have also come up with a new look. Pelly Mani, Anna Ben, Prarthana Indrajith and many others have commented on the film. Everyone says the new hairstyle is messed up.saniya iyyppans latest lookSania, who came to the heroine line through Queen, last acted in Lucifer. The Mammootty movie The Priest is yet to be released. Sania recently celebrated her 18th birthday.