Bill Gates became America’s ‘biggest farmer’, bought 242,000 acres in 18 states


Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and the fourth richest man in the world, has purchased large-scale farming land in the US. According to the reports of the Daily Mail, now Bill Gates has owned a total of 2 lakh 42 thousand acres of cultivated land in 18 states of America. After buying so much land, Bill Gates has become the largest owner (private honor) of cultivated land in America. However, Bill Gates has not only invested in cultivable land. Rather, he has become the owner of a total of 2,68,984 acres of land. This land is the situation in 19 states of America. These include land located in Arizona on which a Smart City is planned.

65 years old Bill Gates has purchased 69 thousand acres in Louisiana, about 48 thousand acres in Arkansas, 25 thousand acres in Arizona, USA. It is not yet clear why Bill Gates has bought so much land for farming. Much information related to these lands has not been made public. Bill Gates has purchased this land directly, as well as through personal investment entity Cascade Investment. According to reports, Bill Gates purchased 16 thousand acres of land in his home state of Washington in 2018. These include 14,500 acres of land in the Horse Heaven Hills area, which he bought for Rs 1251 crore. It was the highest land purchased in America that year. Cascade Investment has not given much information on the purchase of land, but has said that the company helps a lot in sustainable farming.

In 2008, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced that it was providing Rs 2238 crore to small farmers in Africa and other developing regions of the world to help them grow and earn crops, to help small farmers out of hunger and poverty.