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Biju Menon finally announced the decision

biju menon about samyuktha
biju menon about samyuktha

When Biju Menon appeared in public, the return of Samyukta Varma was the main question asked by the fans. She was a part of a handful of good films in Malayalam cinema and was one of the most beloved actresses in Malayalam cinema. But Biju Menon did not give a definite answer as to when the actor will return to cinema. But now, in an interview to a leading media outlet, Biju Menon has given the right answer to the long-standing questions of the fans. As usual, Biju Menon responded when asked about Samyukta’s return to cinema.

Samyuktha Varma Images

In the words of Biju Menon, this is a person who is a Joint Independent. The joint has the freedom to make any career decision. I never interfered in her decisions. It is completely her decision to stay away from cinema after marriage. She had no struts in it anywhere else. We have a son, Dikshit. She wants to take care of him and raise him well. She can return to the movies at any time. That is her choice. No one will be an obstacle to that will. Because she is a completely independent person. Biju Menon responded that she alone has the right to make decisions about her life.

Biju Menon and Samyuktha Varma

Samyuktha Varma was once the favorite star of Malayalam cinema lovers. Although he did not act in the film for a long time, the actor gained a lot of fans in a short period of time. But soon after the marriage, the actress disappeared from the film. The actress got married while she was in the hype in the movie. The films he starred in were all hits. Though he is not active in cinema, all the news about Samyukta and Biju Menon are being received on social media with open arms. Even today, the main question that fans ask Biju Menon in public is whether Samyuktha will return to cinema. Because Samyuktha has influenced every movie goer so much.

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