Bihar Teacher Recruitment, Recruitment of teachers on a large scale

Bihar Teacher Recruitment 2023
Bihar Teacher Recruitment 2023

Bihar Teacher Recruitment 2023: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Sunday that teachers will be reinstated on a large scale in the state.He said that we are continuously working in the field of education.Cycle scheme and dress scheme for girls were started.22 thousand school buildings were constructed.The children of scheduled caste-tribe society, who could not go to school earlier, were sent to school.A large number of teachers were reinstated.Restoration will be done on a large scale soon.Speaking at the Ramlakhan Singh Yadav memorial function held at Shrikrishna Memorial Hall, the Chief Minister said that now the number of girls studying in schools has become equal to that of boys.Engineering colleges were opened in all the districts.Medical colleges are being opened.Said that everyone must teach their daughters.Teach your children too.Earlier the fertility rate in Bihar was 4.3.Due to the education of girls, it has come down to 2.Has arrived at 9.It was found in a survey that if the wife is matriculation in husband and wife, then the country’s fertility rate was 2 and Bihar’s fertility rate was also 2.If the wife is intermediate between husband and wife, then the country’s fertility rate was 1.7 while Bihar’s fertility rate was 1.6.Then we decided to educate the girls.

Remembering Ramlakhan Singh Yadav, the Chief Minister said that he was born on March 9, 1920.Every year on March 9, his birth anniversary will be celebrated as a state function.His statue will be installed in the Ramlakhan Singh Yadav College campus in Patna.Work will be done soon on this so that people always remember Ramlakhan Babu and the new generation gets to know about him.When we were MLAs, we had seen his ministry from close quarters.They believed in us a lot.He did a lot of work in the field of education.Built many schools and colleges.He wanted education to reach everyone.My father was a freedom fighter and got the school built in Bakhtiyarpur.Wanted to get the college constructed as well.Meanwhile, Ramlakhan Babu got the college constructed in Bakhtiyarpur.Ramlakhan Babu visited Patna, Paliganj, Bakhtiyarpur, Gaya, Jehanabad,Colleges were built at many places including Aurangabad.No leader of Bihar has built a college on such a large scale.Ramlakhan Babu always worked for the benefit of the people, not in his own interest.The CM appealed to all not to quarrel with each other and live together with love and brotherhood.