Biggest moment of my life, Usha Uthup shares her joy on receiving  Padma Bhushan

Usha Uthup is the most popular singer in the music world, Padma Bhushan awards were presented by president Draupadi Murmu last day, now singer Usha Uthup says that happy to receive an award, this is the biggest moment of her life. My eyes are brimming with happiness,Usha Uthup speaking to reporters after receiving the Padma Bhushan awards.

This is a matter of great joy for me, I am truly indebted to the Modi government, and my eyes are truly filled with tears. Because it is natural if this award goes to a classical musician or a dancer. It is a great thing for a common man like me to receive such an award. I firmly believe in peace and brotherhood, we can achieve a lot only by standing together, so glad to know my songs make you happy, says Usha Uthup.