Bigg Boss Telugu season 5, Day 7 : A glimpse of entertaining ramp walk to Sarayu Roy’s eviction.


In the most recent scene of Bigg Boss Telugu 5, the housemates collaborate into many sets made by Bigg Boss. Each pair did an incline stroll with an inventive turn. Jessie and host Nagarjuna judged on their ramp walk. Sweta and Priyanka won the round with a 10 on 10 scores from both the appointed authorities.Sarayu

Maanas was the first candidate to be saved. Host Nagarjuna then, at that point made some new combines and posed them fun inquiries about one another. Lobo then, at that point appraised the pair. He also gave nicknames to a few contestants and described the contestants in a word or two. RJ Kajal survived the eviction next. Towards the end, Jessie was protected and Sarayu got ousted from the show. Vishwa burst into tears over her ousting. Sarayu likewise got passionate seeing him in tears.

Jessie-Bigg-Boss-Contestant-Telugu season 5
Jessie-Bigg-Boss-Contestant-Telugu Season 5

In her post expulsion collaboration with have Nagarjuna and the candidates, the entertainer YouTuber gave the best and most exceedingly awful competitors in the house as per her.

Sarayu referenced Siri, VJ Sunny, Lahari, Shanmukh, and Kajal as the ‘worst contenders’. She depicted Siri as a ‘attention seeker’ and called her alongside Shanmukh a ‘tag team’. Sarayu asked Shanmukh not to conspire everything and didn’t engage his adaptation in the post expulsion collaboration grouping. Sarayu requested that Kajal be cautious in the house.


On the other hand, she also lashed out at VJ Sunny and Lahari. She alleged that Sunny held a grudge against her as he took offense to a dialogue that she changed in one of their previous films and that’s why he nominated her. Sarayu further picked an argument with Lahari for asking the latter not to show off and down look upon others.


In the meantime, she referenced Sweta, Maanas, Priyanka, and Vishwa as her ‘best contestants’. She got enthusiastic seeing Vishwa in tears after she got evicted. She hailed Vishwa adding that he works in each division and assists everybody with everything.

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