Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Will Abhinaya Sri be the first to leave the house?


Today marks the end of the first week of the programme. 21 candidates entered the home in all. Seven participants, including Inaya, Sri Satya, Chanti, Faima, Abhinaya Sri, Aarohi, and Revanth, were nominated for eviction in the first week of nominations. The candidates in the home have been assigned a task in which the residents have been sorted into three groups: Class, Mass, and Trash. In the first week, the participants who were in the Trash were formally nominated for eviction.

Sri Satya and Chanti were saved in the show that aired on Saturday, but five other competitors are still in danger. The show’s host, Nagarjuna, is back, and the weekend episodes are enjoyable and intriguing. He gave suggestions and schooled some of the contestants for their behaviour.

There are rumours circulating that no contestants will be eliminated during the first week. However, according to sources, Abhinaya Sri will be the first competitor to leave the house because she received fewer votes. There is, however, no formal information on this. Let’s see what develops while we wait.

Also, Inaya got into a fight with Baladitya, accusing him of having a vendetta against her because no one supports her both inside and outside the home. Inaya and Srihan got into a fight, and the latter took issue with her including Siri in the debate. Later, the two got into another argument. Inaya argued that Srihan is playing a safe game, but Srihan believed she was incorrectly comparing him with Keerthi. Geethu is booked into jail as the day comes to an end.