Bigg Boss star Dimple shares rare spinal cancer and survival story


Dimple Bhal is a Bigg Boss Season 3 contestant who has caught the attention of the audience by name. As the name suggests, the player is half Malayalee and half North Indian. Although Dimple is not very familiar with the Malayalees, the actor has a very close relationship with Kerala. His mother is Malayalee and his father is from Uttar Pradesh. Dimple holds an MSc in Clinical Psychology and an MPhil in Psychology. Betlike Casino
Dimple’s life was a battle with cancer. Now, the actor is opening his mind about the challenges he faced as a child and his survival from cancer. Before entering the Bigg Boss house, Dimple opened his mind about the challenges he faced as a child while introducing himself to the audience.
She was diagnosed with rare cancer that affects the spine at the age of 12. I had a spinal cord injury. It was three years. He faced this pain with laughter. She says she has experienced a lot of pain at a very young age so she can understand the pain of others. Dimple added that his return from cancer has played a major role in shaping his personality.
Dimple also spoke about a similarity between Bigg Boss and the show. The actor said that he is real and does not know how to be real. I don’t want to be like anyone. I just want to live for myself. I do not want to be perfect. Dimple told the audience that he knew I was unique. Dimple arrived at Bigg Boss House as the second contestant.