Bigg Boss Malayalam 3, Take a look at the journey of evicted contestant Lekshmi Jayan

lekshmi jayan bigg boss

Artist Lekshmi Jayan got removed from Bigg Boss Malayalam 3. From engaging the housemates with her singing ability to getting protests about her apparently apathetic demeanor, Lekshmi’s visit in the house was very astounding. Here’s a brief glance at Lekshmi’s Bigg Boss excursion. During the debut, have Mohanlal invited Lekshmi as an enthusiastic individual. In any event, during the initial video, she was seen in tears discussing her mom and child.

The challenger was generally censured as a crybaby as she was seen in tears many-a-times in the show. Strangely, Lekshmi regularly said that she is alright to cry as that is one of her unavoidable method of communicating feelings. In any case, during the assignment, numerous challengers brought up this as one of the imperfections of Lekshmi and blamed her to be phony.

The hopefuls were likewise seen naming Lekshmi for ack of co-activity in family works. A portion of the contenders charged her as a loafer as well.During the primary undertaking, Lekshmi portrayed her own life before everybody. She talked about her connection with her child and about her wrecked marriage.

Lekshmi had contended in both the captaincy undertakings. The first occasion when, she has won commends for her great presentation in the psyche game. As of late, she partook in the captaincy task after her splendid presentation in ‘Devasuram’ task. She acquired much commends for her exhibition in ‘Devasuram’ task. Her entertaining method of making Noby giggle was one of the features of the errand.

During one of the conversations, one of Lekshmi’s remarks about food set off a tremendous fight in the house. Both Adoney and Ramzan lashed out at her for the equivalent. Around the same time, Anoop yelled at her for not allowing him to talk.

Lekshmi was considered joyfully to be the ousting as she said that she was anticipating the equivalent. “I told right, that was the vibe. Actually like my desire, I am going out without harming anybody. I believe I am the most fortunate, I am the one in particular who might get a selfie with everybody,” she said while saying farewell to her detainees.