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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: There’s a reason she hid it! Veena Nair’s husband!

Veena Nair is one of the few actresses who has become very familiar to audiences in the miniseries and big screen. Veena arrives in Kushumbi with a smile. The actor has reached out to Bigg Boss as he is presenting Kokila in the comedy series Tatum Mutti. When they arrived at the Big House, many celebrities proved they were nothing. The event started with 17 contestants. Apart from film and serial celebrities, celebrity and tic-tac-toe celebrities on social media are competing this time too. The celebrities have been talking about important things in their lives and worries in their minds. Both Arya and Veena Nair made eye-open statements that brought tears to not only the Big House but also the audience. Arya spoke of the pain of losing her brother. Veena Nair was talking about her father and mother. The actress also said that she does not even tell her husband. Her husband, RJ Aman, has been responding to Veena’s comments. He said this in an interview to the Times of India.

Didn’t know

Veena Nair had said from the beginning that she was talking about her husband, Kannettan. This is the first time he has heard of the incident. Little did she know what she was feeling. These things were hidden from him only because of his deep love for him. Aman says she knows what she was going through at the time.

Will be made more strong

Even now, she says that she is happy about everything. It is known that these openings make her stronger. First, the audience was asked what secret Veena was going to tell her husband. After hearing the star’s frank comments, many asked how her husband was reacting. He later commented on the issue.

This is how life is

Veena is often seen as a funny woman, and when she burst onto the screen, most people were unaware that she was making a big impression. When she confessed that she was a sensitive person, she fell into a big crisis and fell into a trance. These were the things that hurt the viewers and the viewers.

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