Bigg Boss Losliya First Ever Photoshoot!! Pics Goes Viral!! Watch NOW!

Bigg Boss tamil

The third season of Bigg Boss, which has been a hit show on Vijay TV for the past two TV ended just a few months ago. This season there were a few competitors that fans were unfamiliar with. Laslia is a very important person in that respect. Laslia, a newsreader in Sri Lanka, entered the BigPass event through a friend of hers.

The reason for his cutesy appearance is that he was created on the social network on the same day network LaSlia Pigpas. LaSlia, who initially wandered around as a butterfly in the Bigpas house, later fell in love with Gavin. In fact, this BigPass season has been a love story for Gavin and Laslia.

An army of two was formed in the social circle. This is why Laslia is seen as a key is for qualifying for the final. In the case of Laslia, his father was a little harsh. Lazlia, however, remained unhappy with Gavin until the end. But fans are a little sad as to why the two haven’t met since the Bigg Boss show.

It is only recently that Laslia has returned from Sri Lanka. Laslia posted the photo on her website. Thus, photo hashtag called #Kollywoodawaitslosliya of Laslia recently came up on Twitter in India. They have created a hashtag in the hope of seeing Laslia in Tamil cinema soon. Also, Laslia has been living in Chennai for the past few years. This is the first time Laslia has conducted a photo shoot. This photo is currently accumulating various likes. When Laslia was at Bigg Boss, director KS Ravi Kumar spoke to Las Leia saying that the screen world is waiting for you. Also, it has been reported that the King of Laslia will be cast in Season 2.