Bigboss: Fukru and Rejith Kumar disputing the doll’s name

After a weekend episode, Bigg Boss returns to the house with more members. Five people came home with a wild card entry. The beginning of the feud between Regin and Fukru was the attempt to take on the doll of the new Amrita Suresh Fukru. The Fukroo doll was named Rajan.

Fukru told Amrita that Rajan could be taken only after killing him. Others in the house were laughing because they were laughing.

Rejith Kumar, meanwhile, said that he had come to the party for his opinion. Reggit alleged that the doll was given by Big Boss to everyone and that Fukrow kept it in his custody only. Fukru asked, pointing to a doll next to Rejit Kumar, “Do you have a sprain?” But Reggit argued that Big Boss gave the doll to everyone to win, and that anyone could take it. Fukru asked him if he would break the puppet and make him cry. “Everyone has one doll and the biggest one is everyone.”

Amrita Suresh and Abhirami Suresh in Bigg Boss

But then you take it, Fukru. Fukroo then threw a huge doll at Regent Kumar. But Rejith Kumar repeatedly said that the doll is for everyone. Anyway, Rejith Kumar said he should get one because he threw it. She finally took him to the bed of the doll Fukru. Fukrum said that it was a peaceful moment for Rezith Kumar.

Then came the nomination round in Big Boss. Rezith, Arya, Veena Nair, Fukru, Jasla and Sooraj have been nominated for Evolution. Arya had a chance to escape Evolution. Bigg Boss asked Arya if he was using it. Arya replied that she was facing the eviction phase, not using the opportunity given to the task.