Big Offer for KGF2 Digital Rights

KGF Chapter 2 has become the most anticipated South Indian Cinema after the success of KGF Chapter 1. The Movie team had earlier announced that the movie will be releasing on October 23rd, 2020. But the fans had confusions about it due to lockdown. Producer of the movie Karthik Gowda has given clarity about the release.

Producer said that KGF 2 will release on the same day as announced earlier.

A news portal reported  that a top channel offered a huge price of Rs 120 Crore for its satellite rights of all languages. Another Buzz is that Prime Video offered Rs 54 Crore for its digital streaming rights.

Seems like KGF 2 is going to make Rs 200 Crore from its non-theatrical rights. It is going to be one of the biggest ever in terms of business in the history of South Indian cinema.

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