Big Changes Coming To Netflix Crackdown On Password Sharing Sparks Controversy

Netflix toughens its stance on password sharing Netflix has decided not to share account passwords with non-close family members. The decision is part of increasing the revenue of the platform. The company’s goal is to get as many people as possible to subscribe to Netflix. The hope of these people is that through password-sharing restrictions, it will be possible to get the maximum number of people to subscribe. A new method is a Netflix account for a household. Currently, consumers are widely sharing Netflix accounts. The company says this is affecting its investments in TV and film. Netflix has also tested Borrower and Shared Accounts in some countries as part of restricting password sharing. Better yet, customers can add more users to their accounts or transfer profiles to other accounts for an additional fee. The company has decided to expand this method to more than 100 countries. Indications are that these efforts have begun to bear fruit.

In April, the company announced that the number of subscribers of Netflix reached around 23.25 crore. The company’s hopes have been boosted by the fact that adult consumers in the US are spending money on video streaming platforms like Netflix, TikTok, and YouTube for the first time. Currently, Netflix members can transfer profiles to each other. Also, user can save their search history and recommendations. Netflix has already announced that it will restrict password sharing. Netflix isn’t rolling out the new update with the goal of completely stopping password sharing. With the new update, Netflix is ​​putting forward that it is enough to share the password only with people in the same household. Consider the primary location of the device where the account is logged in. For this, it asks to connect the device with whom the password has been shared with the Wi-Fi at this location. Netflix will ask for this verification at least once a month.