Big Boss Telugu 6- Nominations and more


Post Nagarjuna lashing out at all the BB housemates during the weekend for their weak play, everyone has upped their game. Aarohi and Rajsekhar argue in the opening moments of Bigg Boss Telugu 6’s most recent show about sleeping in too much during the day. As the worst contestant of the week, Sir Satya was jailed by the other housemates.

The contestants were required to nominate two additional inmates by painting their faces red when Bigg Boss announced the nomination process. In response to Aarohi’s quarrel with Rajsekhar, Sri Satya nominated her and urged her not to judge a book by its cover. She then chose to nominate Inaya, which sparked a combative exchange between the two. great interaction with Arha.

Sudeepa and Chanti were nominated by Geethu for acting strangely inside the BB house. After a violent disagreement, Chanti then proposed Geethu, whose second name was Revanth. Geetu was nominated by Inaya, who called Geetu’s game “unfair” and advised her to “behave correctly.” Despite her best efforts, Geetu eventually lost her composure and told Inaya to “go lost.” Then Revanth was suggested by Inaya.

Inaya was nominated by Adi Reddy, and the two of them got into a verbal altercation over supposed pre-show scheming. Sudeepa became upset as she announced Geetu’s nomination, venting further about the latter’s actions and remarks. Then Sudeepa proposed Srihan, alleging a lack of ties to him. Adi Reddy and Neha were nominated by Vasanthi. Revanth received Marina’s nomination when she complained that he tried to modify the way she addressed her husband and fellow contender Rohit. Rohit put forward Faima.

Revanth and Baladitya were nominated by Suriya. In response to Geetu’s remark about a “disastrous Sanchalak,” Neha proposed to him. Aarohi and Srihan were nominated by Arjun. Revanth nominated Suriya and Neha, which resulted in a contentious disagreement regarding his rationale.

Baladitya and Sri Satya were nominated by Arohi. Aarohi and Baladitya got into a furious quarrel after Rajsekhar nominated them. Final nominees for the week were Vasanthi, Baladitya, Chanti, Aarohi, Neha, Inaya, Srihan, Revanth, and Geetu, according to Bigg Boss.