Bhavana goes emotional on her wedding anniversary post

Today is the wedding anniversary of actress Bhavana and producer and businessman Naveen. The actress is wishing her beloved a happy wedding anniversary via Instagram. Naveen and Bhavana, a Kannada producer and businessman, got married on January 22, 2018, at the Thiruvambadi temple in Thrissur. It was a love marriage. Many of Bhavana’s friends have wished the couple a happy wedding anniversary through social media. Bhavana had said before the fantasy wedding that he was a good friend even before he came into her life.
Bhavana and Naveen were married after a long love affair of five years. Bhavana and Naveen met during the shooting of ‘Romeo’ in 2012. Naveen was the producer of ‘Romeo’ at that time.
Anyway, Bhavana writes on her insta that wishing her life partner a happy wedding anniversary …. ‘I chose you.Every time I always choose you over something else … I keep choosing you. Happy wedding anniversary my love, ‘said Bhavana. The actress also shared a picture of herself holding Naveen and kissing her on the cheek. ‘When I first saw you in 2011, I never knew you were that person. From a very professional relationship between a producer and an actor we quickly became true friends. As many say, the best relationship begins with friendships.

We went through a lot of crises, situations where we had to separate. But we came out stronger. We will fight against all obstacles and we will continue against all obstacles. Thank you for being me, I love you infinitely, ‘he said imaginatively on Instagram. Bhavana also shared the image with Naveen with hashtags like #MineForever #ComeWhatMay #EverydayIsValentinesDay.