‘Beena Kannan’; India’s first luxury silk brand from Kochi


Along with being the land of spices and the queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi is also being known as the city of the country’s first luxury silk brand. Beena Kannan unveiled her signature luxury brand at a colourful event on March 23 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Kochi. The wonders of silk, which blends modernity with the heritage of Indian silk, have captured the hearts of fashion lovers. For the last four decades, Beena Kannan has been able to bring Indian silk to the world’s attention through Seematti. With a wide range of clothing and accessories, Bina Kannan’s brand new showcases the Indian clothing tradition to the world in a colourful way.

At the launch of the Beena Kannan brand, 21 of India’s leading models shone on stage with Beena Kannan’s most stunning designs. At the same time, Beena Kannan unveiled the first flagship luxury fashion museum in India. The 17,500 sq. Ft. Combining the five leading weaving arts of the world with the traditional silk weaving style, the beautiful garments are attractive to people of all ages. Beena Kannan revives the ancient weaving techniques of Chettinad, Mughal, Byzantine and Jamawar through her unique creations. Each piece of clothing in the store has its own history and evolution. It gives each visitor an innovative perspective on fashion and its growth. The theme presented by Bina Kannan – Theodora is dedicated to the memory of the Byzantine Empress who fought for the rights of women for the first time in history. An approach that warmly welcomes both ancient and modern changes.“Through this proud brand presentation, I am excited to present my signature brand.

Beena Kannan is an inspiration from ancient weaving and my love for silk. It is my passion and the definition of my modern art. Beenakannan’s vision is to become a global brand in a way that everyone can experience as they witness the most beautiful fashion concepts. The success of this show and the love and encouragement it has received so far has been a great inspiration. Through the Fashion Museum in Kochi, we are gearing up to take each of you to a variety of collections and works of art with even more surprises, ”said Beena Kannan. Beena Kannan’s new venture is a very unique and innovative experiment in the world of silk and weaving. For lovers of silk and fashion, this luxury store offers an enjoyable experience in the world of silk.