Become a team that creates a big bang for the next 7-8 years … Women’s team coach WV Raman’s dream

With a bat in his hand and a smile on his lips, Priya has conquered the minds of cricket lovers
With a bat in his hand and a smile on his lips, Priya has conquered the minds of cricket lovers

Coach WV Raman is keen on Team India reaching the final of the recently concluded Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 hosted by Manuja Veerappa, Bengaluru Australia . He said that he wants to form a team that will play for the next 6-8 years and name big tournaments. In a special interview given to the Times of India, he spoke openly on Team India’s plan, World Cup mission and the performance of the players. Let me tell you that the women’s team reached the final of this tournament for the first time, where it lost to Australia.

The average age of the team is 22 years, which can play together for a long time ahead. The coach said – of course. I am trying to build a team, which will play together for 6-8 years and dominate world cricket. That is why the Australian team falls apart. As a team, they have played a few finals together and that is why they dominate the World Cup.

The 54-year-old coach said about the performance of the team- The performance of the team gave everyone confidence that the Indian women’s team also has power. The team is young and doing well. She will also encourage girls who want to become cricketers.

In the T20 World Cup, the spinners including Poonam Yadav performed more attractively than the fast bowlers. Is the team more dependent on the spin attack? On the question Raman says- We cannot say the same. We had a good combination on the field. There is no doubt that spin is our strongest side and it performed more effectively. If the match goes out in the first half-hour then it is difficult to come back. Talking about fast bowling, this side is also engaged in strengthening. For this, the players will have to be physically stronger.