Beauty products may be hidden due to allergies, irritation and rashes!

Skin Care at Gym
Skin Care at Gym

Have you ever thought that due to your fairness cream, moisturizer or other cosmetic products you may have an allergy, redness or rashes? If you have such problem often and you do not know the reason for it, then take a look at your makeup products. It is possible that the root of your problem is hidden in them. According to experts, the best way to prevent allergies is to identify chemicals that do not suit your skin and try to stay away from them. 

Chemicals used in beauty products contain some ingredients that replace the natural skin fat such as molecules. These aviva are called lipids. Recent research has revealed that these lipids can be responsible for skin irritation and itching.

It has been published in the journal Research ‘Science Immunology’. According to this study, some chemicals in the cream that do not suit your skin remove the skin molecules, which weakens the immune system of the skin. Also, the chemicals present in the cream surround you with problems like itching, burning and rashes. To get rid of this problem, you can apply a topical option. It can overcome your problem in a few days.

When T-cells in our immune system do not recognize the chemical involved in a product and are not comfortable with it, this type of problem is more. There are some chemicals used in beauty products that do not suit every person’s skin. These chemicals include Balsam of Peru and Falsol, which are used in many personal care products. Such as, skin cream, toothpaste, and aromatic production.

it’s how researchers in Peru’s Balsam have considered benzyl benzoate and benzyl cinnamate responsible for skin reaction. Altogether they identified more than a dozen chemicals that activate T-cells via CD1a. researchers say that if your problem has increased a lot, then you should contact a skin specialist or a physician. The oil and oral medicine is given by him will help you recover quickly. Also, you should stop using that product and keep an eye on its compound to see what is there that does not suit your skin. Do not buy that composition when purchasing an alga product.