Ban Enforced On Beach Access Across Thiruvananthapuram District


In response to the recent heavy rainfall in district, the District Collector, Jeromick George, has issued an official order banning entry to all beaches until further notice. The decision comes in light of the persistent heavy downpours and the anticipated continuation of such weather conditions. The Central Meteorological Center and the State Disaster Management Authority had previously issued an orange alert for the district, prompting this precautionary measure.


Additionally, the District Collector has directed the relevant authorities to promptly clear the accumulated waste under the Vizhinjam Harbor footbridge across the Gangyar stream. Furthermore, steps are to be taken to remove a fallen tree from the black sand area where the Thettiyar stream converges. In consideration of the potential for continued heavy rainfall, the Collector has declared a holiday for all educational institutions in the district for the day. Residents and visitors are urged to stay updated on weather advisories and exercise caution during this period of adverse weather conditions.