B4NI the new News Initiative by B4blaze to help journalists is now getting popular

B4 News Initiative

B4blaze.com announced on Twitter that they provide a completely free news portal to selected journalists according to their needs. They give this free news portal service to all upcoming journalists to show their talent in this covid situation. Managing Director of B4 Entertainments Private limited (parent company of B4blaze.com) Mr. Ayyappan Sreekumar said that “Journalists can apply to this B4 News Initiative from any of the B4blaze website’s social media handles to apply for this offer”. In this B4NI they will design a news portal for the selected journalists according to their needs in association with B4creations.

This B4Ni is introduced to help journalists who work from home in this Covid-19 pandemic situation. These initiatives like B4NI can help journalism thrive in the covid situation as they said in their official Twitter account @b4blazetweetz. This offer is already used by many journalists in Kerala to build their online presence through this B4NI. Now, This is trending among young journalists in Kerala. This kind of news initiative like B4NI can really help the upcoming journalists in India to show their real talent online. Even Ayyappan Sreekumar told to ThePrimeTime that B4blaze is a window to the world of upcoming talent from the starting date of b4blaze.com they used to help young upcoming talent to show their online identity. B4blaze.com started in 2015-12-22, after 5 years now they publish entertainment news in 3 different languages successfully in English, Malayalam, and Kannada.

After posting the tweet they are getting very positive responses from the Journalists. Many websites already started and some of the sites are under construction too. B4NI is a completely nonprofitable venture by the B4blaze team. B4 News Initiative helped many upcoming journalists to thrive in this covid-19 pandemic situation with their own news portals.