Avoid this particular foods in the monsoons and built your immunity


Monsoon is that season, when your heart and brain, by default start feeling good. Your heart wants just two things when it is raining out, one is romance and the other is delicious, mouth-watering food. However, the rainy season comes with it a lot of health problems. There are many illnesses, allergies, etc., which can make a person feel under the weather. Monsoons are a period of infections. Due to the risks of all these infections, it is recommended to have a simple, balanced, freshly cooked meal that’s easy to digest during monsoon season.

The following are some common dietary mistakes people usually make during monsoons, but shouldn’t.Pakoras

1. Eating fried food: You can enjoy the deep-fried pakoras once in a while but in the correct proportion. Excess can cause indigestion, diarrhoea and other issues.

2. Not washing green leafy veggies properly: Washing the greens thoroughly and cooking them on high heat is very important. Many studies have shown that green leafy vegetables are the most prone to the growth of bacteria and fungi in monsoonsfish

3. Eating meat and seafood: The risks of waterborne diseases and food poisoning are very high during monsoon, so you should avoid seafood and meat products that could be carriers of infection. Monsoon is the season during which fish and seafood breed, so refrain from consuming these foods during the monsoons supporting ecosystem. food-pic3

4. Eating outside: The temperature and moisture levels during the monsoon are perfect for bacterial and fungal growth. So, it’s best to avoid eating out, especially street food, no matter how much you crave it. It can cause a number of waterborne diseases

Foods to include in your monsoon diet:

  • Fluids
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Spices