Avatar 3, 95% shooting completed, James Cameron

Director James Cameron brings good news to Hollywood movie lovers. Cameron has said that the filming of the second part of Avatar is over and the filming of the third part is almost over. Despite the lockdown crisis, Cameron went to great lengths to shoot the film. One of the main locations was New Zealand. Cameron and his team returned home at a time when Covid was completely free Covid disease was later reported in the country, but permission was granted to film Avatar.

Avatar, which tells the story of the struggle between humans and the Navi people of Pandora, was first brought to the silver screen by Cameron in 2009. The film grossed $ 2,789 million. It took four and a half years for the film to become a reality. They’ve completed filming Avatar 2 and are about done filming Avatar 3. He suspects that when they’ve delivered Avatar 2, that they’ll be working on finishing Avatar 3.

Cameron says the story of Avatar 2 will be entirely centered on Jake and Neithri. The story progresses as Jake, who marries Neithri, becomes the chief of the tribe. It is hoped that Avatar 2 will create a world of spectacle with the adventures of Jake and Neithri through the waters of Pandora. The construction cost is Rs 1832 crore. The third phase will cost around Rs 7,500 crore. The film is being produced by 20th Century Studios and Let Storm Entertainment.


In 2012, James Cameron announced that Avatar would have sequels. Initially, two parts were planned, but later, as the story unfolded, four more parts were added. The release of the films was also announced at the same time. It was announced that the second part would be released in December 2020, the third part on December 17, 2021, the fourth part on December 20, 2024 and the fifth part on December 19, 2025. But in the event that Covid spreads, it is unlikely to happen at the time the releases are announced. The investment can only be recouped if it is released worldwide.

Covid 19 has had a severe impact on the film market worldwide. In the first phase, the international film market reported a loss of at least Rs 37,000 crore this year.

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