‘Attention Please’ is actually seeking the attention of audiences: Review

A group of young people. Their goal is the same but the vision and journey towards the goal are different. The hardships they have to go through are similar… ‘Attention Please’ written and directed by Jithin Thomas, is a film that starts as an ordinary one and gives an extraordinary experience…… Despite relying solely on dialogues, the innovative storytelling and captivating performances prevented boredom.

Like the theme of the film, this film is the result of the efforts of a group of youngsters. The film unhesitatingly talks about a handful of issues that society needs to discuss, including caste thinking.

‘Attention Please’ Poster

Vishnu, Anand Manmathan, Jicky Paul, Jobin Paul, Sreejith, and Athira Kallingal are playing the lead roles in the film. The story unfolds through five people who end up living in the same place with a passion for cinema. The experiences that each one of them goes through in the journey towards the goal are very different. It also includes a young man who has been shunned by caste for most of his life.

The best of the film seems to be the excellent character development, different screenplay, and presentation style. The performance of the actors including Vishnu Govindan is also the backbone of the movie. Vishnu’s character Hari throws a lot of thoughts into the mind of the audience along the paths he travels. There are many topics like caste thinking, political correctness, etc.

A frantic scriptwriter hungry for his huge break, Vishnu’s personality Hari is the spirit of Attention Please. Hari has an immense repository of stories, all perishing to come alive on the screen. Hari addresses each artist tired of restriction. Hari addresses each movie producer longing for a unique style as opposed to aping another person. Hari addresses each artist restricted by caste.

The film starts off with humor and at the end of a phase, it enters a serious track and fills the audience with curiosity. There are many moments in this film that make us question and disturb our thoughts.

Made by Karthik Subbaraj on a very small budget, this film is a great experiment. The visuals that move along with the flow of the story and the background music by Justin Jose give this film more cohesion. The two-hour long film will be a great experience for audiences who are fond of experimental films.


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attention-please-is-actually-seeking-the-attention-of-audiences-reviewAttention Please is a series of storytelling sessions moderated by Hari. All these stories have one thing in common: they aim to unsettle. Some of these have a touch of reality to them, others fantasy. But whatever the genre, they all carry the ability to shake you to your very core. One of the most impressive things about these narrations is the absence of visuals. It's all verbal, enhanced by disturbing audio effects. It got me thinking that Hari's impressively hypnotic storytelling skills would make him an apt fit for the world of radio