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At this stage of acting career, money isn’t priority says Sruthi Hariharan


Sruthi Hariharan’s filmography, today, overflows with analyses and bold choices. Right from her Kannada debut in 2013 (through ‘Lucia’), Sruthi has endeavored hard to stay a voice of acumen from the beginning, particularly in an industry that will, in general, be marginally hesitant while taking a firm position. Also, paying little heed to the result, the entertainer in her has manufactured on and radiated through every one of the characters to at last demonstrate that it is, for sure, workable for one to maintain their belief systems and still leave an imprint here. Today, in the wake of having passed that boundary, Sruthi Hariharan appears to have her needs put straight and is currently excited about picking jobs and tasks that challenge her as an entertainer as well as those which convey a philosophical system that she actually concurs with.

Today, that content supports the right characteristics and takes a stab at being pretty much as reformist as could be expected. Sruthi says that the change, fundamentally, needs to start from the expensive movies since star entertainers do can support the shift and if the mass performers were to spread the right message, there will be a huge distinction. Movies, even today, truly have a problematic look towards ladies and we need to dispose of them quickly. Stuff like homegrown maltreatment towards ladies, calling a lady “meri bandi” or presentations of harmful manliness are still extremely normal and obvious in the film industry, and the sooner we move past these issues, the better movies we make. That doesn’t imply that she won’t have faith in playing dark characters since she loves playing imperfect individuals yet that is an altogether unique idea

Sruthi Hariharan

In any case, would this firm position on her part imply that fewer freedoms are coming in her direction now? Perhaps yes but it is glaringly evident that Sruthi Hariharan has moved past the want to be constantly in the reckoning and instead seeks quality work with professional, dedicated teams.

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