“Ask your father these questions too”; Pooja Bhatt against Kangana’s unequivocal answer

“Ask your father these questions too”; Pooja Bhatt against Kangana's unequivocal answer
“Ask your father these questions too”; Pooja Bhatt against Kangana's unequivocal answer

Pooja Bhatt and Kangana Ranaut are now at loggerheads over the issue of dynasticism in Bollywood. Kangana has now responded to Pooja’s claim that she was launched by Bhatt’s family. Kangana’s talent was recognized by Anurag Basu and everyone knows that Mukesh Bhatt doesn’t like to pay artists. Many studios thank talented artists for making them available for free. Therefore, your father has no right to throw sandals at her, call her crazy and insult her ‘, tweeted Kangana Ranaut’s team on Twitter.

“Sad end,” he said. Why did he pay so much attention to the relationship between Sushant Singh Rajput and Riya? Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Kangana had auditioned for the film Pokiri along with Gangster and was selected for the same. Pokiri was also a blockbuster and you think what she is today is because of the gangster movie. No one can stop the flow of water ‘, said Pooja Bhatt on Twitter.


What happened to Pooja Bhatt’s tweet?

‘Dynasty is a burning issue right now and I have been asked to speak on this issue. The family that has always given opportunities to new artists, technicians, musicians is asking the person in the family to talk about dynasticism. I can only smile at this. People do not want to accept the truth, but they believe in fiction. Kangana is a very good actress. If she didn’t have talent, she wouldn’t have been launched from the gangster movie under the banner of special films. Anurag Basu found her. But special films launched her. It’s not a small thing. ‘

‘Use the word dynasty for others. There are many people who have paved the way for us to make films. If they have forgotten us now, then it is their misfortune, not ours’, Pooja had tweeted.