‘Noodles hair cutting’ malayalam vlogger Ashkar Techy’s new video become trending

Ashkar techy is a famous Indian vlogger who got the quickest supporters. . He was well known for his youtube channel “Ashkar techy”. He was famed as a reaction vlogger. One of his reaction videos about naphthol was a huge hit on social media and it got 1m above viewers. Now his new reaction video about noodles hairstyle getting attention on youtube.ashkar techy

Ashkar geek’s number of supporters is 559K with 67.1K new endorsers in the last 30 days. The latest video on the Ashkar Techy channel was transferred 2 days prior. The normal number of perspectives per Ashkar nerd’s YouTube video is 326.8K, while the most elevated number of perspectives is 721.8K. The normal commitment per Ashkar nerd’s is 58K with 54.2K responses and 3.8K remarks. The primary substance on Ashkar geek is identified with Entertainment.

ashkar.He was one of the vloggers whose real name is Habeeb Ashkar. He was born in the Kozhikode district, Kerala on 19th March. His father is Abdul Salam and his mother is Kadheeja. Get more details about vlogger Ashkar techy.