As A Precaution Against Nipah Virus, Authorities Have Intensified Screening Measures At The Kerala Tamil Nadu Border

Tamil Nadu has also taken decisive steps to safeguard against the Nipah virus outbreak. Stringent checks have been imposed at the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, with the establishment of a dedicated unit in Pattavyal by the Tamil Nadu health department. Admission protocols now include body temperature screening. Following reports of Nipah cases in Kozhikode, Kerala, Tamil Nadu commenced screening travelers arriving from Kerala. The state government has decided to intensify monitoring in all districts sharing a border with Kerala. Additionally, individuals displaying symptoms of fever will be placed in isolation wards for further evaluation and care.

At the national level, the Indian government is closely monitoring the Nipah situation in Kerala. Decisions on further actions will be guided by a report from a team of expert doctors from the Ministry of Health who are currently assessing the situation on the ground. A specialized team from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has also been deployed to Kerala. The repeated occurrence of Nipah cases in the same area has prompted serious concern at the central level. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandavya has pledged full support to the state’s preventive efforts.