Aryan Khan Slapped In Jail By Sameer Wankhede; know the truth


Apparently, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are continually in contact with NCB authorities check Aryan’s wellbeing.

Over the most recent couple of days, we’re hearing some upsetting news identified with Aryan Khan. According to some popular reports, NCB zonal chief Sameer Wankhede slapped Aryan in presence of Shah Rukh Khan. There are truly blended responses to this talk and many truly couldn’t say whether it’s valid.


So let us bust open the episode and put reality before you.

Obviously, Aryan is at present under legal guardianship. Apparently, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are continually in contact with NCB authorities to keep a mind Aryan’s wellbeing. It is during one of these calls, the slapping episode is said to have occurred.


According to viral reports, during one of the calls to NCB, Shah Rukh Khan got some information about Aryan’s wellbeing. On the opposite side of the call, Sameer Wankhede slapped Aryan and educated Shah Rukh that if he could have done this (slapping) to his son during his initial years, he probably won’t have ended up being a spoilt rascal today.

The episode is actually an upsetting one, however, is there any reality to it? We think, no. Furthermore, underneath is the reason we think the occurrence is a Cooked up story.

Aryan Khan
Aryan Khan

During the age of aggressive media, if anything like this happens, it quickly makes it to mainstream media. To give just an example, reports like Aryan Khan eating Parle-G biscuit are already out. So, incidents like slapping would have been part of the main headlines already.

Shahrukh Khan

One more significant highlight is seen is that the judge hasn’t permitted physical torture on Aryan. Regardless of whether a particular episode would have occurred notwithstanding not having the consent of getting physical, the protection legal advisor would have brought it up in hearing and cornered NCB at this point.

Thus, it is demonstrated that the slapping occurrence is only gossip.