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Aryan Khan Having A Difficult Time At Jail: Haven’t Bathed For Past 4 Days


It’s also said that Aryan is not speaking to anyone and only reacts when someone asks him something.

Haven’t Bathed For Past 4 Days & Left With Only 3 Bottles Of Water? Reports Claims That He Is Not Eating, Drinking Enough To Avoid Using Jail Toilet

Aryan Khan has been all the rage or supposes Bollywood since the principal seven-day stretch of October. King Khan’s son has been at the center of attention because of his new capture by the NCB on the journey attack case. Presently, reports express that the star kid is having some difficult stretch in prison.

The 23-year old was been confined by the NCB authorities on October 2 has still not been conceded bail by the court. Aryan Khan has been kept at the Arthur Road prison. Presently, some genuinely stunning realities about Aryan’s condition have risen up out of the prison.

Aryan Khan

As per Bollywood Life reports, Aryan Khan is having a truly difficult stretch in prison. The hotshot’s darling child has been in jail since October 8 and has been held in the quarantine cell according to new standards.

The reports express that Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s child hasn’t been burning through adequate food or drinking sufficient water to try not to utilize the prison latrine. The police specialists and the prison staff have been stressed over him and requesting that he utilize the latrine and admission legitimate food and water, yet there has been no appropriate reaction from his side. This has prompted stress over his wellbeing.


The reports additionally express that Aryan has not bathed for more than 4 days. The prison personnel is pained with regards to his cleanliness too. It is said that he got some pair of bedsheets alongside some garments to wear from home, he had additionally bought some jug of water from the prison flask when he showed up there. Presently the ebb and flow status are that he has burned through a large portion of the water and presently there are just three jugs left with him.

It’s additionally said that Aryan isn’t addressing anybody and possibly responds when somebody asks him something. Shah Rukh Khan is very stressed over his child’s wellbeing and has been in steady touch with the prison specialists to secure convenient reports on him.

Aryan Khan with his Siblings

Aryan’s bail supplication has been booked today and we’ll before long become acquainted with it on the off chance that he gets bail or not. In the midst of this intense second Aryan Khan’s dad, Shah Rukh Khan has been getting a great deal of help from fans and Bollywood.

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