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Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha granted bail by Mumbai High court


In a gigantic alleviation to Aryan Khan, 23, child of whiz Shah Rukh Khan, Bombay high court on Thursday conceded him bail, on the 25th day of his capture by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) following a raid on a cruise terminal, on Gandhi Jayanti.

Arbaaz and Aryan

The HC bench of Justice Nitin Sambre allowed bail to Khan’s companion Arbaaz Merchant, 26, and Munmun Dhamecha, 28, a style model from Madhya Pradesh. In the wake of hearing the ASG Anil Singh who showed up for the NCB for longer than an hour where he opposed the grant of any relief to the young trio and 15 additional minutes where senior direction Mukul Rohatgi started his answer in response and was getting used to his contentions, when the Judge mid-accommodation, gotten the three applications and throwing them towards his staff, delicately, said, “All three applications are allowed.’’

The court was pressed, with different legal advisors as well. The suddenness of the pronouncement took few by surprise. The detailed order of bail conditions will be passed on Friday evening, said the Judge. This would mean the trio will spend another night in jail.


Khan’s supporter Satish Maneshinde then, at that point, looked for consent to submit cash bail to which the court rejected and said it must be a guarantee.

“I could have given the order also tomorrow. But I gave it today,” Justice Sambre said.

The legitimate group of the 23-year-old Aryan, who is as of now in legal guardianship and held up at the Arthur Road jail, will presently attempt to finish the conventions for his release by Friday itself or Saturday once the operative part is pronounced.

Aryan Khan

Judge Sambre said he would pass a point-by-point request allocating reasons later.

Rohatgi in his reply was saying, “Aryan and Arbaaz were together. Most significant what has been set against us is the business amount being recuperated from others, and keeping in mind that the ASG alludes to segment 37 (arrangement making bail intense) by alluding to business amounts being recuperated, however, area 27A (the genuine offense of unlawful dealing and financing of medication dealing) isn’t conjured against them

“What is argued against me is what has been found on five others which if you total up will amount to commercial quantity . Aachit Kumar who NCB called a dealer was arrested four days later with 2.5 grams. Can he be a deale? A dealer would have 200 grams . Their case is that since they were there it is conspiracy, but the conspiracy is a meeting of minds apart from Arbaaz none of the other accused have any connection with me and there were 1300 people in the cruise,” He was then citing some judgments and saying “unless it is told that i have truck with the others and that we are going to part y and they should know who is carrying what,..like one is carrying ecstacy.. when the Judge listening intently, cut him short abruptly and passed the order.


The threesome was captured on October 3 and booked under applicable segments of the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS) for ownership, utilization, after 6 gm charas was purportedly found on Merchant’s shoes and 5 gm from Dhamecha’s cabin. Both had denied the recuperation and Khan’s case was that there was nothing found on him by any stretch of the imagination but then he was captured and claimed to be important for a “larger conspiracy,’’ by the NCB.

On Wednesday at the knowledge about the bail request of the triplet, mincing no words, senior direction Amit Desai showing up as lead counsel for Merchant alongside advocate Taraq Sayed, named the actual capture of the youthful threesome looking for bail in the NCB case as “illegal” as no part 41A notification was given to first looking for clarification since supposed recuperation of charas was little and drawn in not exactly a year’s discipline.


Desai said the core of the case is the “conspiracy” charge ” Dumped” on the threesome without any slight bit of proof, not even in the type of Whatsapp visits which is the thing that the NCB was depending on to go against their bail.

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