Arya reveals about her father, Bigboss season 2 promo video viral

Arya, who has conquered the hearts of people through the barrage of ‘Badai Bungalow’, has now returned to the Bigg Boss reality show. Many celebrity stories are now being heard in Big Boss. The Bigg Boss contestants were given the opportunity to openly talk about things they have not yet heard. Many celebrities have tweeted about the Big House with horror stories. Arya has come out with not only fellow contestants but also audiences and crying expressions.

It was revealed that Arya will be returning to the Bigg Boss after Arya disappeared from the event. Arya has entered the Big House with the concurrence of her daughter Roya. The video and news of Arya’s breaking out were seen by the audience in pain. The star was just plain nervous last night about his unexpectedly lost brother. She was also open about her separation with her husband. Now, the video of the celebrity talking about her father has been going viral on social media.

Arya has already spoken about her father who has been with her all her life. The actor had been outspoken about his father’s sudden departure from the pain. The star said the same thing in the Big House. This is made clear in the new promo video. The video has already gone viral

Arya says that a person who has no illness in particular can have a good time with Anagn. Arya says that when this happened suddenly, she could not tolerate it. The star also said that she could not tolerate that situation. The actor had previously said that he had been taken to the hospital with his father and that he had gone to his last resort. The star was accompanied by a tweet posted on her father’s birthday. Many of Arya’s posts on social media have gone viral in an instant.

Everyone who sees the scene starts crying, saying that there is a situation where they cannot drink water.