Arya Badai shares her sister’s photo viral on social media


Baday banglavilute audience the favor of the player in the Arya, Arya, and then kalccaveccat was the best kind of prakatannal bigbeasilekk arrived, there was Arya bigbeasil to the end of the show, but do not come out in favor of a number of parihasannalum kuttuvakkukalum aryaykk from the show, but that did not matter to his life and Prosperous Fleeting star, that is, do not have a very active role for the Aria player vekkarunt audiences and lock down all of his own story, insrrayil. Arya is now sharing a picture of her sister.

Arya talks about her sister as a birthday message by sharing the picture with her sister. My crime partner of all time. My soul sister. My good half. It is a great blessing to have you in my life. I love you so much Whatever the case, thank you for being with me in my good and bad. Birthday wishes… Her sister is named Reshmi Varun. Arya said this by tagging her sister.

Meanwhile, Arya had been chatting to her sister about midnight on her birthday. She was accompanied by her daughter Roya. Have a birthday laugh? Arya also shared a screenshot of the video chat, saying that you are blessed with my life. Arya’s sister was greeted by fans and commenters. Some say that it is just like Arya to see her sister.